Tore Kvæven
Red Dust

The year is 2060. Australian Lieutenant General John Arnheim and his elite soldiers lie hidden behind tangled roots and broad ferns.They are in the enemy’s domain, pursued by advanced bloodhounds that can detect scents with concentrations down to a single molecule.
John Arnhem has built his career and his life on the war. But the horizons darken. The war and everything he has believed in is changing. A world-changing war has lasted for 17 years. At the heart of the defence effort is Arnhem’s special unit, The Queens Hunters. The victory he once thought he would experience seems more distant than ever.
Only a small city in the nortwest is still managing to hold their grounds against the enemy. And at the same time he realizes that the price he himself pays is about to become too high.
During a journey back to base their plane crashes over Australia's north-west coast. For the four survivors, a long and dangerous trek through Australia's wastelands awaits. Not only is nature a threat, the area is also haunted by enemy "creeps", small roaming self-operating
Amidst the unrelenting brutality of war, nature endures – full of suffering, but also vitality. While humans manoeuvre towards their own demise, the wild horses do as they’ve always done: follow the herd and instinct, doing what they can to survive.

Tore Kvæven

Tore Kvæven
Tommy Ellingsen

Tore Kvæven (b. 1969) made his debut in 2011 with Hard Is
the Law of My Land. He received the most prestigious literary
award Brageprisen in 2018 for his novel When the land
darkens. Kvæven works as a school teacher and sheep farmer.
In 2022, he received the prestigious Stig Sæterbakken
Memorial Award.

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