Mohamed Saif Al-Mofty
The Dark Dance

Saif Al-Kadi is a journalist with a comfortable life in Norway. But one day during the summer of 2014 he receives an urgent message from Iraq which makes him travel with haste to his home country. Islamic State has attacked Mosul during the night, leaving his family with no choice but to flee the city.

Little does Saif Al-Kadi know that days later IS kidnaps his autistic nephew and soulmate, Ali. The thought that Ali is in the hands of brutal IS-warlords is impossible to cope with and he sees only one solution: To find Ali and rescue him, in what turns out to be a deadly but highly necessary mission.

Mohamed Saif Al-Mofty

Mohamed Saif Al-Mofty

Mohamed Saif Al-Mofty (b. 1964) is an Iraqi-Norwegian writer, lecturer and interpreter. He is from Mosul, which is under IS' control, and he was located in Iraq when The Christians and The Yezidies were plundered, taken as slaves and sold.

Al-Mofty is the head of a non-profit organization called U-turn, that works to spread knowledge of the origin and evolvement of extremist organizations. He is a sought after lecturer for organizations and politicians who aim to increase their knowledge and competence regarding The Middle East.

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