Arne Ruset
I'll Be Home After Dark

Agnar Heimlund is suffering from Dementia. One day he hears a song by The Dubliners on the radio and is inspired to venture out on a complex journey where he comes across an important life lesson: No one will claim that I'm no longer able to think clearly and wisely.

I'll Be Home After Dark is both a moving and surreal novel that depicts how life changes when your surroundings slowly but surely disappear into the background.

Arne Ruset

Arne Ruset (1951) is an experienced psychiatrist, particularly within the field of Dementia. He is also an award winning author and has published books within a range of genres, from novels to poetry to children's books.

Other titles

Berg brest (2013), Short Stories.
Vi kan ikkje eige kvarandre (2016), Poetry.
Songbok for hesten (2017), Novel.
Nattferje frå Åfarnes (2019), Novel.
Ikkje ein sporv til jorda (2021), Novel.

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