Asbjørn Stenmark

Krill is not allowed to bring girls home. His grandmother is keeping an eye out from the kitchen window, so he smuggles the girls in through a window in the cellar instead. When they sit there, one on the floor, another two on the mattress, they can hear someone on the stairs. Krill must come up with something, and fast, perhaps hide them behind the door or under the bed. He goes for the closet, but it's too late.
When he opens the closet door, three girls from last summer fall out.

Asbjørn Stenmark

Asbjørn Stenmark
Leikny Havik Skjærset

Asbjørn Stenmark (1971) is from Brønnøysund and lives in Stjørdal. Aside from being an author, Stenmark has an MA in Literary Studies and works as a teacher and translator. Krill is his third book.

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