Jorid Mathiassen
Where White Lilies Grow

After a devastating break-up, Linnea is aching to get out of Oslo and start over someplace else. When Linnea’s best friend offers to let her stay in an old house in Northern Norway, set on a small island, Linnea finds herself saying yes. The big house with a beautiful garden belonged to her friend’s great-aunt Marie, who lived there in solitude until her recent death.

Linnea has no idea what awaits her when she arrives on the windy little island in the pitch-black of a stormy winter evening. But one day, she stumbles upon a small clock that leads her to discover a dramatic story. It has to do with Marie’s past, and why she lived all by herself for so many years.

The storyline plays out across two periods of time, but as Linnea discovers more about Marie's dramatic past, her own life will also take a new turn.

Where White Lilies Grow is a beautiful, breath-taking story about the brutality of war and the power of lifelong love.

Jorid Mathiassen

Jorid Mathiassen

Jorid Mathiassen (b. 1965) grew up on the Helgeland coast up north, and now lives in Oslo. She has a major in Nordic language and literature from the University of Oslo and has the last ten years worked as a publishing editor at Cappelen Damm, and currently at Strawberry Publishing. Prior to being a publishing editor, she worked as a journalist in the magazine Bok & samfunn. Where the White Lilies Grow is her debut novel.

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