He does not Remember the Woman He Loved. A novel

About love in old age, forgetfulness and abuse.
After a long life, Anna and Alexander fall in love and live together without being married. After seven years Alexander gets Alzheimer. He does no longer remember who Anna is. His daughter profit by the situation. She kidnaps her father and keeps him isolated from Anna and his friends to have full control of his money and his property.

Readers’ opinion:
- The novel raises issues that are relevant to many, both in our time and other times. Jon Wetlesen, professor emeritus in philosophy.
- The novel is very good and addresses a current issue. Tor-Petter Ekroll, politician
- It really is a shocking and tragic book! Anne Sofie Nuland Østbø, lecturer



Kirsten Engelstad has been a senior lecturer at high school, a university librarian, Associate Professor, and the Director General at the National Office for Research and Special Libraries. She is now a publisher and the author of two novels.

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