Elin Tinholt

The Sisters of Stenberg

A piece of Norwegian women's history told in an intriguing way, through a tender language.

This moving novel takes place the summer of 1840 at Stenberg, the Farm of the county governor Lauritz Weidemann. Weidemann was one of the founding fathers of Norway, a powerful patriarch. The novel focuses on his three daughters, Bolly, Nahyda og Amalie, who live their privileged lives at the farm, but under a strict regime. The novel is based on the real lifes of the sisters, and tells the story of three girls with a very restricted existence.

Author Elin Tinholt is not the first to be inspired by the three sisters at Stenberg. One of Norways first novels,Amtmannens døtre by the feminist pioneer Camilla Collett, is also said to be based on the sisters.

A prose that is tender, beautiful, fragile and sore (...)
The reading experience is a pure pleasure.

Elin Tinholt

Om elintinholt
Kathleen Melntyre

Elin Tinholt (b. 1962) is a Norwegian playwright. She has also written several plays for the Norwegian radio theatre. The sisters of Stenberg is her first novel.

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