Lene Therese Teigen

Tulla Larsen /Mathilde Munch/

Tulla Larsen /Mathilde Munch/ is the story of a life in the shadow of another. A story about love, but also about history and who owns the rights to it.

Tulla Larsen /Mathilde Munch/ is a biographical novel about Mathilde Larsen. Mathilde/Tulla was a model for Edvard Munch when she was 29 years old, and later became his girlfriend. With her characteristic red hair, she is easy to recognize in many of Munchs paintings. Their relationship was turbulent, and ended with the famous «shooting in Åsgårdstrand».

In this novel Tulla is the center of attention. Her relationship to Munch has affected her reputation in her own time, but also posthumously. Several of the famous scenes from their relationship has only ever been shown from Munchs point of view, but in this novel it is Tullas perspective that matters. Not only on her relationship to Munch, but on her hole life – and on her other relationships, to the painter Arne Kavli and the shipbroker Hans Blehr.

This novel asks the question: What can one do when one is forced to act as the supporting actor in another persons life? And when one becomes a part of the history of another person?

The book is extensively illustrated with paintings and pictures, by Tullas different men, by others in the time, and by Tulla herself – A big part of her etchings are shown in the book. A lot of them shown for the first time ever.

Lene Therese Teigen brings Tulla Larsen out of Edvard Munchs shadow with an original novel project. (...) In a way it is not only Tulla Larsen that gets rehabilitated, but all women like her, all equal destinies. (...) as a perspective, a way of orienting in both history and contemporary society.»

Lene Therese Teigen

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Lene Therese Teigen is an author, playwright and director based in Oslo. She published her first book in 1993, the novel Hvitt. Stille, which she got Aschehougs debutant prize for. In addition to the novels Utro (2005) and Andrea N. finnes ikke (2015), she has written a number of plays that have been translated and produced in many countries around the world. Her last play, Tiden uten bøker/Time without books, premiered at the distinguished Teatro Solis in Uruguay. The play premiered in Norway in January 2020, and got very good feedback from the audience. Teigen was the president for the Women playwrights association between 2010 and 2015, and headed the project Dette skrev kvinner/Women wrote this, which brought focus to female Norwegian playwrights throughout the years 1870–1910 (The same years Norways most esteemed male playwright, Henrik Ibsen, had his golden years). In 2018 Teigen received Oslo municipalitys Munch-scholarchip.

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