Alicia Thi Nguyen Ryberg

I Photographed You While You Were Sleeping

I Photographed You While Your Were Sleeping is a tender story told through numerous letters from Inga to the people surrounding her, both living and dead. Gradually we get to know Inga's story, as she writes about her relationship with her siblings, her studies, her boyfriend and her tendency to alleviate problems with alcohol. Alicia Ryberg writes in a passionate but composed way and with a tone that beautifully convey Inga's take on the world. This is an insightful debut novel about compassion and relationships, about understanding oneself and our connection to others.

«I have photographed you while you are sleeping» reminds us of our different starting points, and shows us how hard it can be both to give, and to receive love when one is not used to it.

Alicia Thi Nguyen Ryberg

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Eirik Krogstad

Author Alicia Thi Nguyen Ryberg was born in 1986 in Oslo. She works as a psychologist. I Photographed You While You Were Sleeping is her debut novel.

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