Rauni Manninen
Our Father

This novel is set in the period from the Winter War (1939–40) to the end of the 20th century. It takes place in the far north of Sápmi, on the Finnish side of the border, and is based on a true story. Josát marries Rávná, and we accompany them through their everyday work and toil, their joys and sorrows, until they reach old age. Children are born and some of them die, they lose some of their livestock, and their turf hut is falling apart. Josát fishes, herds his own reindeer and trains reindeer to pull sledges. He respects nature. He detects scents in the wind and follows animals' tracks, but only uses what he needs. There is not much money. Then times change, and everything becomes very different …

Winner of the Saami Council's Prize for Literature 2018.

The thoughts, actions and working methods of the protagonist present a picture of the traditional Sámi philosophy of life and understanding of nature, and portray how the way of life changes after the war. The fragile and sorrowful aspects of life are depicted in a poignant and stark manner.

Saami Council

Rauni Manninen

Rauni Manninen

Rauni Manninen, Luobbal-Jovsset Rauni (b. 1946), writes about everyday life and local conditions. Áhčči Min (Our Father) is her first novel.

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Winner of the Saami Council's Prize for Literature 2018

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