Arne Ruset

Night ferry from Åfarnes

- I would be happy if you could write something for me, she says, - since you are a writer, she adds.
She has heard on the radio the mentioning of my writings, and has interpreted that I have made this literary work my vocation. Her son read at once instance a few of my poems to her - the modern stuff - she liked it anyway. So, can I write something about her?
- Maybe I can. You have lived a long life; have probably experienced a lot of interesting things. She answers without thinking. The words are firm and clear in the soft candlelight, in the wondrous smell of dried fruits cultivated in endless sun.
- No, that's exactly the issue. I have never experienced anything exciting; have never experienced anything at all.
Excerpts from Night ferry to Åfarnes

After the marriage fails, an author tries to distance himself from defeat by isolating himself in a cabin in his childhood neighbourhood to write short stories. While working on this, his past mixes with the present and casts shadows over the texts.

Ruset is not the first [...] to present a novel with a narrator/writer in a life crisis who goes back to his hometown to find answers to existential questions about life and death and love. But he does it in an impressive way by crossing two parallel test runs and commenting on each other […]

The story forms a multifaceted portrait of a self-centred and aloof man who strives with sorrow and loss, guilt and remorse, escape and neglect.

Arne Ruset

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Arne Ruset was born in 1951 in Fjøra, Sunnmøre. He now lives in Molde, where he has worked many years as a psychiatrist. He has written books in many genre: poetry, children's books, short stories and a novel. He won the Norwegian literature critics children's literature award in 1987, and the Culture Ministrys award for illustrated literature (together with Anne Kristin Hagesæther) in 1999. Ruset published his collection of short stories, Berg Brest , at Solum Bokvennen in 2013. His first collection of poems came in 2016: Vi kan ikke eige kvarandre (We cannot own each other).

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