Camilla Bøksle

It is the most beautiful at dusk

Camilla and her grandfather wander through the streets of Kristiansand, through her grandfather's childhood, reminiscing in the streets he walked as a child. He is at the end of his life; she is soon to be in the middle of hers. Grandfather tells of growing up in the same town as her but in very different times, and through their time spent together, through his memories and stories, an unexpected friendship emerges.

Det er vakrest når det skumrer (It is most beautiful at dusk) is a novel about family and getting to know each other before it's too late, a reminder of the major lines in life - death, love and the longing for the perfect.

An unusually good debut! (…) A moving portrait!

A feel-good novel that actually manages to convey the great feeling of goodness.

Sensational debut novel

Camilla Bøksle

Fp camillabøksle

Camilla Bøksle (b. 1971) grew up in Trondheim and lives in Kristiansand. She had worked as a teacher and preschool teacher in both Norway and England. Det er vakrest når det skumrer is her debut as an author.

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