Vibeke Løkkeberg

Breakfast on the edge

Breakfast on the Edge depicts how the love relationship between Adam and Alice is affected when Adam is told that he has incurable cancer. Although it is Adam who gets the death message, the novel shows that it is hard on Alice as well. Adam and Alice each fight their own struggle for survival and strive to understand each other's challenges right in the middle of their own. The novel is about being loved, and about how love is challenged, but also strengthened face to face with death. Vibeke Løkkeberg has written an intimate and moving story that gives insight into life around the cancer, and the struggle to stay together throughout it. A battle that Løkkeberg knows well: Like the novel's Adam, Vibeke's husband has been diagnosed with incurable cancer.

"Vibeke Løkkeberg shares generously from her own life in this touching book about illness in relationships."

Vibeke Løkkeberg

Fp løkkeberg

Vibeke Løkkeberg (b. 1945) is a writer, actor and film director. With her husband Terje Kristiansen as producer, she has written and directed several films, the best known being Løperjenten (The Runner Girl) (1981) and Hud (Skin)(1986). She had her debut as a writer in 1989 with the novel Leoparden (The Leopard), and has since published the novels Jordens skygge (Shadow of the Earth) (1995), Purpur (Purple) (2002), Brev til himmelen (Letters to Heaven) (2004) and Allierte (Allies) (2007). Her books have been sold to a number of countries, including Sweden, Denmark, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and Russia.

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