Marie Kvernmo
The Meeting

The main character, Miriam, is a Sámi woman from the coast of Nord-Troms, and has married a man from the reindeer herding community in Kautokeino and lives there. She lives a restricted life where everything is about children, houses and her unfaithful husband. One day, it all becomes too much for her, she packs a suitcase in anger and goes with the Sámi choir to Stockholm. The choir will be attending a peace festival with artists from all over the world. When the festival is over, she knows that something within her has changed and that she will never be the same again.

Marie Kvernmo

Marie Kvernmo

Marie Kvernmo (1966) lives in Alta. She is a freelance vocal artist and actor. She has a comprehensive education in drama, theater and joik. The book Møtet is her first novel, and the first book of a series.

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