Karin Bjørset Persen
The Witch Trial

The Trondheim ladies Klara, Siri and Åshild are living the good life in Finnmark - but the trio has a secret that, at all cost, must not come out: they are modern witches with very special abilities. Their idyllic little bubble bursts when a four-hundred-year-old witch seeks them out and stirs up trouble – whilst seeking vengeance to rectify an old injustice and broken promises. The present and the past twist together into a powerful blend of humour and seriousness, Trondlag and Sámi elements, historical events and absurd imagination. The starting point of the novel is the last witch-burning in Trondheim. The author makes the dramatic and tragic past blend naturally with our modern times, creating a captivating and touching story that makes the book difficult to put away.

Karin Bjørset Persen

Karin Bjørset Persen

The author about herself: I was born in old folks’ home in Soknedal, Trøndelag in 1967 and raised in Støren. I moved to Finnmark in 1992. Since then, I have lived parttime in Trøndelag and Finnmark (Lakselv). I think it is good to write a book of action that involves both counties. I’m married to Lars Birger Persen, who is a news editor in Ságat. We have three daughters, of which now only the youngest lives at home. I work as a Norwegian language teacher at Lakselv High School. The charm of Finnmark lies in the variety of its nature (the seasons, light / darkness and silence). Every year in January I wonder why on earth I live here. But then comes the sun ...!

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