Roger Pihl
The Man Who Didn’t Want to Go Home

Valdemar Vågen is an entrepreneur. The man in charge of a highly well-reputable software company. A leading figure in the corporate world’s ruthless race.

Until he gets hit by a car while he is cycling.

At the hospital he’s finally able to get some rest. No obligations. Taken care by women. He has come to heaven and now he doesn’t want to go home.

He does everything he possibly can not to be discharged from hospital. But he knows that he cannot stay there forever. Or – perhaps he can?

The hospital labyrinths hide a mystery. Could there be others who want to live the rest of their lives in the hospital? Has anyone done it before him - and succeeded?
Are you tired of pleasing everyone else? Do you long for someone to take care of you? Then read about someone who feels the same way – and does something about it.

The Man Who Didn’t Want to Go Home is a book about all and nothing, about the big things in life and the small ones. It’s about loneliness, friendship, leaving it all behind you and starting all over again. All of it served with loads of humor and warmth – you do feel the world is a better place than you thought after reading this book.

Roger Pihl

Roger Pihl

Roger Pihl, born in Norway in 1954, was the founder of an advertising agency, a software company and a marketing research institute until 2010 when he decided to devote the rest of his life to writing.

Roger is an editor of the Norwegian national encyclopaedia with special responsibility for advertising, branding, marketing and Danish geography and to which he has so far written 873 articles.

Roger is famous in Denmark for his book Guide to the Danish Alps and he’s currently writing a new edition called Danish Mountains.

He is the father of two girls, a cat lover beyond reason and a complete photo-freak.

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