Lutfiya Boboyorova
The Dance of Life

Mahin is born in a small village in the Soviet republic of Tajikistan. As a beautiful and stubborn young girl, she marries against the will of her father. Destiny strikes hard when she gives birth for the first time. The forces of nature are violent. Her baby dies, and Mahin recedes into a world of grief and loneliness. After her husband abandons her, Mahin finds a new life in the city, with many more challenges. The Dance of Life is the story of a vulnerable, but strong-willed woman, and her struggle to gain control of her own life.

The dances in question reflect the experiences of women in a male-dominated society. Women are dancing despite their difficulties, not only at the request of others, but to express their own feelings and desires.

Lutfiya Boboyorova

Lutfiya Boboyorova
Photo: Åshild Kolås

Lutfiya Boboyorova grew up in a mountainous village in Tajikistan, and graduated from university in the capital city, Dushanbe. As of today, she lives and works in Oslo.

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