Ellen Thorsdalen
Mother’s daughters

The Norwegianization process and the realisation of uniformity come down hard upon Sámi en Kven children when they start school. For the most part in "Mother's daughter", the school didn't leave the children with a very positive outlook towards their future lives. All the practical things that they needed in order to prepare themselves for the future, was taught to them at home. Some defied the "loser"-stamp they had received in school. In this novel, we follow 5 siblings from child to adult life. The era is 1930, the place: Northern Norway.

Ellen Thorsdalen

Ellen Thorsdalen

Ellen Thorsdalen (1951) is a writer from Skibotn in the municipality of Storfjord, Troms. She lives in Fevik in the municipality of Grimstad. She has worked a high school teacher.

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Published earlier:
Gunnhild og kjempetorsken, 2010, Stiletthælen som knakk, 2008.

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