Kristin Valla
Out of the Blue

A father and two sons from a small village in Nordland are caught in a mudslide and swept out to sea. The sons’ bodies wash ashore, but the father is never found. Ten-year-old Elin and her mother, Wenche, are left behind.
As an adult, Elin returns to the village to sell her childhood home and go through everything the family owned. Gradually, she comes to realise that there are aspects of her parents’ lives that have been concealed from her.
OUT OF THE BLUE is about the stories we make up about ourselves – what we cover up and what we choose to reveal. And how far we’re willing to go to protect those we love.

Kristin Valla

Kristin Valla
Birgit Solhaug

Kristin Valla was born in Finneidfjord in Nordland, Norway. She is an experienced journalist and editor. Kristin had her debut as an author of fiction in 2000 with the novel Muskat, which has been translated into seven languages. Out of the Blue is her third novel.

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