Beate Grimsrud
I Suggest That We Wake Up

A white envelope flies through the air and lands in Vilde Berg's letterbox. She is at a midpoint in her life, and has everything she needs. But the envelope contains a message that will turn her life upside down – she is seriously ill. Exuberant and curious, Vilde has always asked questions about herself and the world, and she has never taken the answers to these questions lightly. When your own life – something you take so for granted – can come to an end, what questions do you ask then?

Time now seems both in short supply and drawn out – how long will she have to wait for answers, to hope and to recover? Does she have to hurry and use her time as best she can?

Parallel to Vilde's story about wanting to live, are all the stories about Vilde's childhood in the fabled Dovre mountains, where she stole a golden pen from her grandfather. From this pen spring tales of a wistful and playful rat longing to be noticed and loved by the fox with the beautiful tail.

I Suggest That We Wake Up is a new milestone in Beate Grimsrud's career, trembling with raw nerve and wild hopefulness, combined with the author's stubborn energy and distinct sense of humor.

Beate Grimsrud

Beate Grimsrud
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Beate Grimsrud (1963–2020) is regarded as one of the finest and most central Nordic contemporary writers. She was born in 1963 in Bærum, Norway. Since 1984, she resided in Stockholm, Sweden.
Her books span several genres, and have been written in both Norwegian and Swedish. Grimsrud has received numerous awards and nominations for her works. Her books have been translated into twelve languages and have received high international accolades.was a creative and versatile writer.

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