Hedda H. Robertsen
Cut Piece

Three stories, one novel: A young woman travels to France following the breakdown of a relationship. Lydia, an artist, is preparing for her first exhibition and falls in love with a married art critic. Consuela gets breast cancer and decides to seek out her former lover. These stories are woven together in an essay-like, personal and poetic investigation of the body's limits, and the cost of letting go of someone close to you.

Hedda H. Robertsen

Hedda H. Robertsen
Photo Credit: Anna-Julia Granberg/BLUNDERBUSS

Hedda H Robertsen (b. 1987) debuted with the novel Shot To Ribbons by Mads Mikkelsen in 2008. She is educated at Warwick University in England and Oslo University. Cut Piece is her third novel.

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