Roy Jacobsen and Annelise Spitz
The Man Who Loved Siberia
A butterfly collector's memories of East Siberia

Fritz Dõrries (1852-1953) lived a life that few of us can grasp today. During his 22 years of adventurous travelling in Siberia, he collected tigers, deer, eagles, plants, and butterflies. He was a mixture of Ed Stafford and Carl von Linnaeus travelling alone in a sled across Siberia. Cold, beauty, and suffering. The novel is based on his memoirs – an incredible story about nature, travel, and discovery.

Roy Jacobsen and Annelise Spitz

Roy Jacobsen and Annelise Spitz
Photo Credit: Guri Pfeifer

Roy Jacobsen (b. 1954) has, since his literary debut in 1982 with the short story collection Prison Life, evolved into an original, strong and analytical writer with a special interest in the underlying psychology at play in human relationships and actions.
He is a wonderful storyteller with obvious political engagement. His books have been published in 36 territories. Other important novels are The New Water, Borders and Child Wonder.


Born and raised in Belgium, tri-lingual, as well as taking Latin and Greek at school, Anneliese Pitz came to Norway in 1974. She has a PhD in linguistics from Trondheim, has been teaching for 24 years at Oslo University, researches grammar, and also speaks Russian. She has been married to Roy Jacobsen since 1978.

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