Siri M. Kvamme
Winters Heart

Liv and Endre live on a beautiful island in Northern Norway with their two children. One day Endre carelessly backs his car over their youngest daughter, who dies. Liv cannot forgive Endre and throws herself into a passionate relationship with Egil. Lea, Liv’s sister, lives on the second floor and sees everything. The sound of galloping horses over the hardpacked snow creates the soundtrack for this powerful novel of loss and love.

Siri M. Kvamme

Siri M. Kvamme
Gunvor Saltvik

Siri M. Kvamme (1975–) has studied Literature and Writing, and worked as a journalist and literary critic for over ten years before she started writing full time. She made her literary debut with Raud og frå seg in 2001, a collection of short prose. Her first novel Vinterhjerte from 2008 was well received by the critics. In 2012 she published the novel Nattgjengar, and Verden leker gjemsel is her third novel.

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