Ole-Petter Arneberg


After seeing a picture of a hanged princess on Facebook, Pit slowly falls apart. He tries working at a mental institution and holding on to his beloved and safe Celine. Until Evi turns up, and his concepts about how a life should look and be are lost. Is this the REAL real love? Or is it more like a Playstation 4 game with him as the only protagonist? If that is the case, it has to be fun - right? But how can Pit be 4 REAL in our world and in our way of living?

Ole-Petter Arneberg

Ole-Petter Arneberg (b. 1987) was born and raised in Rjukan. He debuted with MEPÅNO in 2008. Arneberg is co-editor of the literary fanzine Kollege and plays in the band Feilkontroll

Other titles

Mepåno (2008)

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