Heidi Furre
The Paris syndrome

Have you ever heard of the Paris Syndrome? ‘A diagnosis often given to Japanese tourists who travel to Paris and find that all of their dreams and illusions about Paris being the world's most beautiful city are entirely shattered. They anticipate that the city will resemble a French musical from the 1960s, when in actual fact it is simply Paris. Raw and hard-hitting. Complete chaos,’ Heidi Furre writes in her debut novel.

In The Paris Syndrome we meet a young girl who lives in at least two worlds, as most of us do – the world within her and the world around her. Or, in other words, the world she gives away and the world she gets back.

Heidi Furre

Heidi Furre (b. 1986) made her debut 2013 with the novel The Paris Syndrome, to critical acclaim. She has since written two more novels. In addition to her writing, Heidi spends the majority of her time working as a photographer (www.heidifurre.com).

Other titles

The High School (2016)
The animal (2018)

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