Terje Dragseth
The dream book

From time immemorial dreams have been a mystery. What really happens when we dream? According to Freud, dreams are an expression of our subconscious. But dreams have also been considered a portal to something bigger than ourselves.

Dragseth has kept a diary of his dreams for a year and uses this to give us unique insight. With precision and a nose for poetry, he spans a vault where both the depth of his psyche and the occult have a place.

Terje Dragseth

Terje Dragseth

Terje Dragseth (b. 1955) made his literary debut with Offerfesten in 1980. Since then he has published a series of books which have confirmed his position as one of Norway's most innovative and incisive poets.

Other titles

Bella Blu (2012)
Offersten (1980)

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