Rannveig Leite Molven

All that remains

Rannveig Leite Molven has previously published the novels The Word for what I am now does not exist (2012) and Where the Shadows form (2015). In her third novel, All that remains, her language has a suggestive effect on the reader.

We follow a young woman with a young daughter waiting for results from her doctor following a cancer checkup. In poetic prose with long, meandering sentences she brings us close to her state of mind and sensory experiences for a few intense weeks.

All that Remains is a novel about how severe illness affects life on many levels. Even if you have recovered, everything has changed and the illness continues to have consequences for your relationship with yourself and the people around you, with children and with love.

Rannveig Leite Molven

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Rannveig Leite Molven (b. 1974) studied at The Academy for Creative Writing in Bergen.She har written three novels.

Other titles

Where the Clouds Begin (2015)
The Word For What I Am Now Does Not Exist (2012)

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