Emely Benedicte Kahrs
Gallop for the black horse

Nelly has hit a midlife crisis. She and her boyfriend Lars does not hug the way they used to, she has not yet been in Iceland, and now her eldest daughter Signe wants to affirm her faith through confirmation in the Lutheran church. Nelly buys a horse for the money they have put aside to refurbish the bathroom, and is unfaithful with her new colleague Petter. But what effect does this have? Because if she is able to have a relationship on the side, wouldn´t Lars also be able to? Nelly's tendency to pull out her camera in inappropriate situations also functions as a kind of social commentary with which she is confronted in the final scene.

Emely Benedicte Kahrs

Emely Benedicte Kahrs

Emely Bendicte Kahrs (b. 1975) was born in Bergen and lives in Oslo. Gallop for the Black Horse is her debut.

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