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SKAM Season 1: Eva

The SKAM books are the original scripts of the worldwide hit web drama series of the same name, just as they were written.

Each SKAM book contains one of the four seasons that aired between 2015 and 2017. The scripts have never recorded scenes, lines that were later cut, newly written prologues and epilogues, and Julie Andem’s own comments and unique mind maps.

SKAM Season 1: Eva follows the main character Eva Kviig Mohn as she starts high school. Eva has just begun dating Jonas, but the new relationship is putting a strain on her friendship with Jonas’ ex. Unable to trust her boyfriend and reconcile with her old friends, Eva’s first year at the Hartvig Nissen school (“Nissen”) becomes a turbulent one filled with love, betrayal, and broken friendships – but also new ones as she finds and connects with Noora, Chris, Vilde and Sana.

The SKAM books are the ultimate key to the universe that absorbed an entire generation of viewers. Get ready to get to know Eva, Noora, Isak and Sana like never before.

Julie Andem

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Julie Andem (b. 1982) is the world-renowned Norwegian screenwriter and director of SKAM, the teen drama web series that became an unprecedented national and international success upon airing in 2015. The series, which follows a new main protagonist in each of the four seasons, utilized a unique approach where social media posts, texts and clips were released in real time while it aired. The innovative concept won Andem the prestigious Norwegian Golden Screen award for “Best Innovation” as well as “Best Writing for a Drama” and “Best Directing for a Drama.” Andem has also directed the American remake, SKAM Austin, a Facebook Watch web series.

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