Lars Saabye Christensen

Echoes of the City

The second part of the Echoes of the City-trilogy.
We've all stood on a street corner and let the city's lights and sounds pass by. What do we hear when we listen to the sounds of the city? What traces do they leave in us? Who is at the other end of the line when the phone rings? What story can we deduce from the protocols from Fagerborg's branch of the Red Cross in the post-war years? How do the stories all connect?
When someone loses something, someone else finds something different. The city and the streets are the same as before, but the people who emerge in Echoes of the City (Byens spor) have never been seen before.

In this book Maj – and not least her struggle to bring up her children, Signe and Jesper – is in focus. Jesper and his best friend, Jostein the butcher's son, grow from children into young men in each their own way.

"In this magnificent novel Lars Saabye Christensen delivers quoteworthy and goldlike sentences, vigorous word play and surprising associations."

VG, 6 out of 6 stars

"Sometimes the author's language resembles poetry. Other times it flows with cascades bringing to mind great authors like Agnar Mykle (...) top-class literature."

Fædrelandsvennen, 6 out of 6 stars

"Saabye Christensen on his home turf, the author at his best." - 6 out of 6 stars

"I just have to repeat how impressed I am with Lars Saabye Christensen. It's like he's just sitting there, almost improvising on his keyboard and suddenly he's composed yet another masterpiece, in a trilogy I predict will be as successful as The Half Brother."


Lars Saabye Christensen

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Hans Jørgen Brun

Lars Saabye Christensen (b. 1953) has published a number of novels, poetry and short story collections since his literary debut in 1976 with The Story of Gly (Historien om Gly). His breakthrough came with Beatles (1984), one of the greatest literary sales successes in Norway that, over the years, new generations continue to hold close to their hearts. The author received the Nordic Council Literature Prize for The Half Brother (Halvbroren) in 2001.

The author has been published in 36 countries.

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The Nordic Council Literature Prize 2001
The author has also received the Riverton Prize, the Critics’ Prize, the Brage Prize, the Norwegian Booksellers’ Prize, the Dobloug Prize and the Norwegian Reader’s Prize.

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