Audun Mortensen
Four Days in Berlin

One day in February of 2017, the 31-year-old writer Audun return to Berlin to visit the 30-year-old programmer Martin, with whom he shared an apartment 7 years ago. Martin makes good money and is soon to move in with his girlfriend. But he is experiencing an increasingly greater discomfort with living in a class society, in one of the most free countries in the world, with less and less room for anything but working to get paid. In Four days in Berlin this conflict in feelings leads the former roommates into a hushed state of flux, a conversation full of inns and outs, about life during and beyond capitalism.

Audun Mortensen

Audun Mortensen
Photo: Victoria Durnak

Audun Mortensen (1985-) is an author and artist. His debut Everyone tells me how good I am, in case I become it (Alle forteller meg hvor bra jeg er i tilfelle jeg blir det) was awarded "Best poem debut of the year" by Aftenposten in 2009. He has since published a number of poetry books, novels and the critically acclaimed prose collection, Animals I have met (Dyr jeg har møtt).

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