Line Nyborg
The Other Child

Single mother Agnes prays to God for a man and chooses to move in with a single father at her son's preschool who winks at her and owns a white house in the countryside in Vestfold. Why do so many women make bad choices? What do you need in order to trust yourself and make conscious choices? And are you allowed to set limits for a child you don't love? A very engaging and relevant novel.

Strong novel about responsibility and self-knowledge in a distraught stepmother.
Line Nyborg has written a strong novel about feeling inadequate in the every day life. The Other Child is a good novel that must have been painful to write, because Line Nyborg is consequent and non-compromising. She does not steer around the hard topics. The book is also full of characters that she through just a couple of sentences put to life. It is well done, and shows an unusual talent.

Line Nyborg

Line Nyborg
Photo: Anna-Julia Granberg/BLUNDERBUSS

Line Merethe Nyborg (1969–) was born in Narvik. She is trained at the Westerdals School of Communication and has studied Nordic Languages at the University of Oslo. Her day job is working with communication in

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