Hilde Stålskjær Osen
We'll just drive, and then see

A young woman moves to a small town on the coast, where the highlight of the day is the passing cruise ship which docks for an hour each night, attracting people to the quayside. Otherwise, life consists of chatting with friends, waiting for her partner and driving along the two routes the road takes: towards the ferry, or towards the bridge. We'll Just Drive, And Then See is a novel which, through sober realism, concerns some of the most common aspects of human life: the longing for something out of reach.

Hilde Stålskjær Osen

Hilde Stålskjær Osen
Photo: Lena Knutli

Hilde Stålskjær Osen (b. 1978) works as a film director. We'll just drive, and then see is her first novel.

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