Erna Osland

When You Walk on a Bridge

What makes it possible for a bridge to hold not only you, but huge trailers and heavy trains? Come along and investigate what makes bridges strong, and how they are built.

The book describes how different kinds of bridges are used, for pedestrians, cars and trains. It tells about peculiar and fascinating bridges - like the world’s longest railway bridge between Beijing and Shanghai: 164 800 metres long. It shows construction methods, materials and jobs are described entertainingly and easily understandable. The book also follows the building of a particular bridge.

When You Walk on A Bridge is a book on engineering and building as well as the stories behind bridges.

The book is fully illustrated by Espen Friberg.

Erna Osland

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Erna Osland has written numerous novels for children and YA, such as Ringar i blod (Rings in blood, 1994), Salamanderryttaren (The Salamander Rider, 1999) and Den farlega reisa (The dangerous journey, 2006); all published by Samlaget.
Osland is also a well recognized author of non-fiction for children, especially about natural history, like Når du går på ei bru (When you walk of a bridge, 2011), published by Mangschou, and Når det regner i Afrika (When it rains in Africa, 2015), Samlaget.

Erna Osland has won a number of Norwegian and international prizes for her books, and has been translated into several languages.

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