Henry Notaker
The cook and the writer

Just like other types of literature, our colourful modern cookery books have a long history. That is what Henry Notaker has unearthed and presents for us in this entertaining, knowledgeable and engaging book about the history of gastronomic literature.

The Cook and the Writer contains stories about the discoveries of food artists, how individual dishes have acquired their names, female housekeepers in conflict with royal chefs, theft and plagiarism, as well as philosophers, politicians, doctors and astrologers’ attempts at influencing people’s diets. Cookery books reflect the age in which they were written and the prevailing circumstances of the society in which they were produced: they have always recorded what is happening around us in every era.

Aschehoug 2012
480 Pages

‘If there were such a thing as a Michelin Guide of gastronomic writers, Henry Notaker would gain Michelin stardom.’

Henry Notaker

Henry Notaker

Henry Notaker, who has been in Norwegian broadcasting for more than thirty years, was from 1973 to 1986 the Corporation's foreign corresponent in southern Europe.
He has written several books on Latin-America and southern Europe, and has achieved great success with his cultural-historical books on food and recipes. Notaker has maintained close ties with Spain.

Andalucía. En reise i sol og skygge Andalucía, 2003.
Gastronomi. Til bords med historien, (Gastronomy. Dining with History), 2000.
Ganens makt. Norsk kokekunst og matkultur gjennom tusen år. (The Power of the Palate), 2000.
Til bords med Ibsen, 1994.

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