Torvald Sund
Dance quietly before the storm

Julie has a long-term plan to become a ballet dancer. She has practiced with determination in order to manage the entrance examination to the ballet school in London. A few days before leaving for London, she takes a break from the dancing to be together with her boyfriend, who is a fisherman. They take a trip in his boat. They disembark on the rocky islands, but the idyll is unexpectedly broken when her boyfriend has an accident. Julie has to risk her life and her dance in order to save the young fisherman she loves.

An engaging, poetic and intense novel about the sea, dancing and two young lovers who do not share future ambitions, nevertheless dream of a life together.

Torvald Sund

Torvald Sund
Photo: Det norske Samlaget

Torvald Sund has a long and wide-ranging authorship behind him. This time he has written a book about love across background and family. An original story, well-written and compact.

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