Annette Münch

The Girl Code

For ages 14–18 years.

Without warning, Saga has to move from her father’s house to her mother’s. While she is getting accustomed to her new city life, she discovers that her father is missing. She finds companionship with a gang of tough girls who show her a life of excitement and risks. When the girls demand something of her in return, she realizes that they are governed by a set of rules and that breaking them brings on a punishment that could be catastrophic.

Cappelen Damm 2009

Annette Münch

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Annette Münch has worked as a freelance journalist since she was 14. Today she is the editor of Girls magazine. She debuted as an author in 2006 with the young adult novel Kaoskrigeren (Chaos Warrior), which won the Ministry for Culture and Church Affairs’ Literature Award for a first novel.

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