Peter Normann Waage
I - The cultural history of the individual

I am me. Without me – my experienced self-awareness – the world would not exist. This applies to each and every one of us: “I” is the most personal and most common human experience ever. I am unique – like everyone else.

But “I” is not a static entity. The way in which human beings experience themselves has changed radically throughout history. The modern individual, with self-esteem and self intrinsic value, is a historical discovery with roots in the antiquity, which grew during the Renaissance and blossomed in modern times. And it has always been threatened by massive opposition.

Peter Normann Waage follows the emergence of the individual: in philosophy from Socrates to Sartre, in literature from Homer to Harry Potter. At the same time, “I” is his personal perspective that reflects his own development and his defence of individual dignity. Waage intends the title to have a dual meaning: The book is both a story about the individual self-awareness in the West and his own story. One of the lines Waage follows leads both to the individual and to its contrast: totalitarianism. He also seeks to show how the modern, laissez-faire market liberalism consists of another sneaking threat to the individuals — the temptation to enjoy themselves to death — and a starting point for the empowerment of the independent and responsible individual.

Peter Normann Waage

Peter Normann Waage

Peter Normann Waage is a writer, journalist, Russia expert and cultural historian. In a number of books, and in his editorials and commentaries written during his many years at Dagbladet, he has consistently stood up for the individual. I is a collection of his works all through these years.

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Other titles

Det usynlige kontinent : Vladimir Solovjov som Europas filosof, 1988.
Når kulturer kolliderer. Et essay om islam og Europa, 1989.
Det springende punkt. Essays, 1989.
Russland er et annet sted. En kulturhistorisk bruksanvisning, 1990.
I prinsippet ja, 1991.
Et imperium går under. Notater om Sovjet gjennom 1991, 1992.
Jeg, vi og de andre. Om nasjoner og nasjonalisme i Europa, 1993.
Hva feiler det Norge? — Og andre essays, 1994.
Den farlige ytringsfriheten, 1994.
Fjodor Dostojevskij, 1997.
Steppen og tiden: Min russiske venn Aleksandr og jeg i samtaler om hverandres land og kulturer, 2001.
Brytninger. Essays, 1998.
Mennesket, makten og markedet - Rudolf Steiners sosiale ideer i møte med globaliseringen, 2002.
Islam i en moderne verden, 2004.
Eine herausfordernde Begegnung. Schmuel Hugo Bergman und Rudolf Steiner, 2006.

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