Øystein Sørensen
The great conspiracy. The story of the secret illuminati society and its many misdeeds

The Illuminati Order was a secret society that was founded in Bavaria in 1776. It is accused of being behind such events as the French and Russian revolutions as well as the first and second World Wars, communism and Nazism, the Catholic Church and the European Union.

The theory about the Illuminati is the ultimate conspiracy theory. The conspiracy theories about the Illuminati are currently most prevalent among right-wing extremist groups in the U.S., however, they are also defended by widely differing groups in Norway, and they have achieved broad support among the popular culture.

Professor Øystein Sørensen takes a closer look at how these theories have evolved from the 1700s up until the present time, as well as who has defended them. The book also contemplates the general aspects of the conspiracy theory mentality and ultimately poses the question concerning just what is the relationship between the Illuminati of history and the Illuminati that appears in major conspiracy theories.

Aschehoug 2007

Øystein Sørensen

Øystein Sørensen is Professor of history at the University of Oslo. His fields of research include history of political ideas, nationalism, counterfactual history, National Socialism and World War II.


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