Erna Osland

Loving fathers

Did you know that only human children and a very few animals have a father who takes care of them? Most animal children have to tend for themselves, and if they are cared for by a parent, it is nearly always the mother.

But some animal fathers do look after their children in intriguing and inventive ways. By studying these furred, finned and feathered parents with Erna Osland and Marvin Halleraker we learn a great deal not only about animals, but also about ourselves, and about the human father, the most caring and inventive father of all.

Loving Fathers is filled with beautiful illustrations that through their humour and warmth radiate fatherly affection. Marvin Halleraker is a highly acclaimed prize-winning artist.

Skarpe tenner/Sharp Theeth (2006) by Erna Osland and Marvin Halleraker won the Norwegian Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs prizes for best non-fiction book for children and for best illustrations.

Mangschou 2006

Erna Osland

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Lene Løtvedt

Erna Osland is the author of an extensive list of books for children, young adults and adults. She has won a number of Norwegian and international prizes for her books, and is translated into several languages.

Erna Osland is a prize-winning and much loved author of both fiction and non-fiction books for children. Her inviting tone and ability to delight and surprise the reader makes this non-fiction book a lovely safari of laughter, learning and recognition.

Skarpe tenner, non fiction book for children, 2006
Den farlege reisa, 2006
Salamandarryttaren, childrens book 1999
Til Maria, 1991

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