Erlend Loe

The Organist

Who was Shakespeare really? What happened to his manuscripts? And what has this got to do with Oak Island – the treasure island? Erlend Loe has set out into unfamiliar territory. He has met an ordinary Norwegian organist, Petter Amundsen, who claims to have the key to one of the greatest treasures the world has ever seen.

According to the theories of this book the very same treasure which is being searched for in The Da Vinci Code, is most likely located. This treasure hunt is closely connected to the circle around William Shakespeare, as the most important lead is to find in the legendary first edition of the master’s works. Shakespeare’s works open a door to a hidden universe of secret pacts, elaborate breaking of codes and ancient symbols.

We meet a down-to-earth Erlend Loe who is sceptical to the claims made by the organist in the beginning, but as the organist carefully outlines his theories, Loe bursts out, "This is staggering! There is absolutely no doubt about it. Discovery Channel – eat your heart out."

If the organist is right, we will all have to change our understanding of world history.

Erlend Loe

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Petter Amundsen and Erlend Loe

Loe made his debut in 1993 with the book Tatt av kvinnen (Gone with the Woman), which was characterised by the critics as “extremely funny and artful”. With his second novel Naiv.Super. (Naive. Super.) he had his great international break through. This unpretentious story about very complicated things was well received by both the readers, especially the young, and the critics.

Erlend Loe has appeared on stage and made short films and music videos. He has been a newspaper critic, a temp schoolteacher and worked in a psychiatric hospital, as well as as film consultant .

His books have been translated into more than 20 languages.

Rights sold to

Denmark (Gyldendal), Finland (Johnny Kniga Kustannus), Italy (Iperborea), the Netherlands (De Geus), Poland (Replika Wydawnictwo ), Russia (Azbooka) and Sweden (Alfabeta)

Other titles

Tatt av kvinnen, novel 1993.
Maria & José, novel 1994.
Fisken, children’s book 1994.
Kurt blir grusom, children’s book 1995.
Den store røde hunden, children’s book 1996.
Naiv.Super, novel 1996.
Kurt Quo Vadis?, children’s book 1998.
L, novel 1999.
Detektor, screenplay 2000.
Fakta om Finland, novel 2001.
Kurt koker hodet, children’s book 2003.
Doppler, novel 2004.
Volvo Lastvagnar, novel 2005.

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