Ida Hegazi Høyer

Stories of Solace

Three cities. Three encounters. Three stories.
«Your gaze isn’t neutral. Eyes can land anywhere. If you happen to
look at me, it tells me something about you.»
In Stories of Solace Ida Hegazi Høyer examines how new encounters
– with places or people – challenge who we are, how we look upon
ourselves, how we want to be looked upon.
How fast two perfect strangers can form an intimate relationship,
not knowing whether the other one is dangerous or life-saving.
How language can wrestle us away from safety and tie us together,
and how fine the line can be between loneliness and community,
protection and assault.

«Her prose is unique, her language
demonstrates authority, humor and raw power.»

Moss Avis

Ida Hegazi Høyer


Recently awarded the European Union Prize for Literature and the
Bjørnson Grant for her previous novel Unnskyld (Sorry), Ida Hegazi
Høyer (born 1981), has been named one of the ten best young
Norwegian writers by Morgenbladet

Other titles

2012: Under verden
2013: Ut
2014: Unnskyld
2015: Fortellingen om øde

Foreign rights

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Oslo Literary Agency
Annette Orre
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Named one of the 10 best young
writers in Norway by Morgenbladet
2015 Winner of the EU Prize
for Literature for Forgive Me

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