Anna Fiske

The Group

«The Group" is about a six women and men of different ages who are in group therapy for people with lighter social anxiety. They struggle with loneliness, social relations, relationship to parents, spouse, children. Each chapter has a different protagonist from the Group. You see the characters in group therapy meetings, where they sit in circle and talk with each other and with the therapist, and in situations in life. Carefully and precisely Anna Fiske pulls the reader into the book, and shows the characters from different angles. Anna Fiske has a fingerspitzgefühl for telling situations and details, a feel for the theme's seriousness and not least redeeming humor.
" It's exactly the feeling that the Group is a small tissue test of ordinary life, right here and now, which makes it feel so full of life and real"
Dagens Næringsliv
"fine-tuned and real, which, with a graphic turmoil depicts the therapy room as a state of emergency."Morgenbladet«Fiske has managed to portray a delicate theme with a fine-tuned and engrossing pen."Aftenposten K"amazing! ... funny and touching ... Humor and seriousness are very well balanced and there is an honest mood throughout the book. ... story that is perceived as important, told by an wise author. "VG«the rare feat of a successful depiction of ordinary people" Klassekampen "a quiet triumph ... Gripping depiction of loneliness and cohesion in the big city." Dagsavisen

Anna Fiske

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Anna Fiske (b. 1964) grew up in the south of Sweden, but now lives in Oslo. Her one-woman-magazine Rabbel, (Scribble) with comics for children has won a number of prizes. She also makes comics for an adult audience (Dancing on the rug, The Group, Trees I have met, and more).

Her work for children is in the great Scandinavian tradition of children’s literature, i.e. Tove Jansson and Astrid Lindgren. Anna Fiske has published two volumes of ”Grandma and I”-stories, and two comics about Palle Poodle: Palle Poodle, a dog's life and Palle Poodle goes to New York plus three Palle Poodle books for small children: Palle Poodle gets up, Palle Poodle relaxes at home, Palle Poodle buys jeans.

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