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Four months have gone by since Haugesund was plagued by the Maestro, and even though she’s far from well, Lotte Skeisvoll has willed herself back to work. She and Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson have become close friends, but their newfound friendship will soon be put to the test when Viljar once again finds himself in a nightmare: his 17 year-old son, Alexander, wakes up next to a dead girl and gets arrested on charges of her murder. All evidence and the witnesses from the party point to Alexander. But no one was in the room when Emilie Vormedal was murdered, no one but Alexander – who claims to remember nothing.

Viljar is the only one who believes in Alexander’s innocence and he sets out to clear his son’s name. When Lotte, who is cracking under pressure and the trauma from her sister’s murder in Maestro, is deemed unfit to serve and gets suspended from the police force, she partners up with Viljar to solve the case in their own rogue investigation.

But when two other youngsters who attended the same party as Alexander and Emilie are found dead, the investigation takes a new and surprising turn. Are they dealing with the same brutal killer or is it all an improbable coincidence?

The deeper Lotte digs, the clearer it becomes that Alexander might not be the innocent boy his father thinks he is and Viljar starts questioning how well he really knows his own son.

Heartbreaker is tightly directed, consistently executed, and all loose threads are neatly tied together in the end. The writing and the language is perfect for this kind of story, and I simply must tip my hat.

Tine Sundal

Geir Tangen has done it again. Kept me awake. Tangen has a rare and good insight into the youth culture of today. His portrayal of what they think and how they act is real and authentic. It’s as if he himself were present at the lethal party in the book.

Vidar H Andersen

The best Norwegian crime novel I've read in a very long time.

Gert Nygårdshaug

Geir Tangen

Geir bw
Haakon Nordvik

Geir Tangen was born in 1970 in Øystese, Norway. He runs Norway’s biggest crime book blog –, with over 170,000 readers – where he’s reviewed crime novels and thrillers since 2012.

Tangen holds a degree in Political Science and ICT, and has worked as a journalist, and as a freelance editor for several Norwegian publishers. He currently works as a secondary school teacher.

Maestro is Geir Tangen’s debut novel. It was first self-published in January 2016. One month later, after a rave reception, one of Norway’s biggest and most prestigious publishers, Gyldendal, pre-empted the rights to Maestro and the next book in the series featuring Viljar Ravn Gudmundsson and Lotte Skeisvoll, which has now been sold to 15 countries.

Tangen lives and works in Haugesund, Norway, with his wife and three children.

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Czech Republic, Plus
Denmark, Modtryk
Estonia, Varrak
Finland, Otava
Germany, Goldmann
Italy, Giunti
Netherlands, The House of Books
Norway, Gyldendal
Poland, Dolnośląskie
Russia, AST Publishers
Slovakia, Plus
Spain, Roja & Negra
Sweden, Forum
Turkey, Ithaki
USA, St. Martin's Press

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