Linda Klakken

Silly, Silly Heart

12 year-year-old Clara is at the theatre with her ballet group the Swan Ensemble to see William Shakespeare’s famous classic Romeo and Juliet. With the play as a backdrop she gives rather well-meaning advice to both friends and family about what is needed to become happy: You either surrender completely to love or take a big swig of mouthwash and lie down and wait for the great, all-encompassing darkness.
Clara’s parents are divorced and she is convinced that that her Dad’s apparent existential crisis is due to the fact that he often goes out in the evenings. Moreover, he makes Clara and her brother tidy up all the time, even though Clara is convinced that what he needs is help to snap out of his lovelorn state. Therefore she writes a fake love letter that she copies and puts in the post box of a single woman who lives in the neighbourhood, in order to find her dad a new prospect.

Clara also discovers that what goes around comes around when she falls head over heels in love with Marie Lindquist, the new girl in her class. Marie is the big star of the Swan Ensemble’s autumn performance, but Clara thinks she is mysterious.

Silly, silly heart is a story about the first, big love, about school parties, kissing games and unbearable heartaches. Although Clara has sworn that she will never kiss anyone, even if she is paid for it, everything changes when Marie Lindquist dances for the first time.

Linda Klakken

Klakkenlinda (2)

Linda Klakken (b. 1979) is an author, poet and school librarian. She has three published poetry anthologies and a non-fiction travel book. Dumme, dumme hjarte is her first children’s book.

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