Frode Granhus


A young boy walks out on thin ice to save his new skis. Years later, a red winter jacket is found under the floor of an old house about to be renovated. Four women try to cope with their drug addiction in a tiny town far out by the rough ocean. A photographer finds a barrel frozen in the ice containing a horrible truth. Shipwreck is the fifth book in the series about Rino Carlsen, where the icy cold landscape of Lofoten and the unpredictable weather act as characters in the story that continuously take the reader and the police by surprise. Most people stay indoors when the biting cold tightens its grip on the Lofoten islands, but the beautiful light this weather creates calls to a photographer who ventures out into the icy wilderness. During one of his trips, he discovers a barrel stuck in the ice. A barrel containing a gruesome truth. Our hero Rino Carlsen suspects that the contents of the barrel are linked to a shipwreck that shook the small coastal community several years ago. A shipwreck that claimed many victims. Following this trail of clues, Rino Carlsen starts to unveil the old story of the shipwreck.

“Frode Granhus’ latest crime is an icy account of past sins … a psychological thriller where the nerve builds up slowly culminating in an intense end.”

Elin Brend Bjørhei, VG

“The tension is raised to its highest in an epic final scene.”


“With Shipwreck, Granhus is back in good style with solid Nordic noir…The descriptions of Lofoten’s untouched and rugged scenery is picturesque and beautiful and gives the book soul… A good and atmospheric crime novel.”


Frode Granhus

Portrett frode g
Kjell Ove Storvik

Frode Granhus wrote from the place he knew best: Home. Granhus worked and lived in Leknes in Lofoten. Granhus lived in the perfect setting for a crime story, and wrote the northern landscape in sublime ways into his wellknown and praised “Lofoten – crime novels”.
Shipwreck became his fifth and sadly last book about Rino Carlsen. Frode Granhus died suddenly, aged 54 years old in September 2017.

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Granhus’ books have been shortlisted for the Book Seller Prize, the Riverton Prize as well as the Brage Prize.

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