Nikolaj Frobenius

All My Demons

The father of a family has serious neighbour problems. A partner feels lifeless. A refugee loses his memory. A drug-addict lives for the kicks. A young man is afraid to sleep. A skier freaks out.

The stories in All my demons often arises out of everyday situations, but the fragile facades of existence soon start to show cracks. The sinister side starts to trickle out. The idyll grows grotesque. Apparent friendliness turns into linguistic and physical violence. In his first collection of short stories, Nikolaj Frobenius focuses on the paradoxes that lie as an undercurrent in people’s lives in well-regulated, modern Norway – and he paints the unrest of individuals in a powerful narrative style.

Nikolaj Frobenius

Frobenius nikolaj
Christian Elgvin

Nikolaj Frobenius is born in Oslo in 1965.

He made his debut with the poetry and essay collection, Whirl/Virvl, in 1986. He received his breakthrough both in Norway and abroad in 1996 with his novel Latour’s Catalogue, and his books have been translated into numerous languages. Frobenius studied film at The London Institute and has written several film scripts, including the thriller Insomnia (1997), which was subsequently produced in a new version in Hollywood. In 2003 his play, Mikromani, was staged at the National Theatre in Oslo. Nikolaj Frobenius was the editor of Vinduet, a literary quarterly, from 1998 – 2000 and has worked as a feature film consultant since 2005.

Other titles

Dark Branches (2013)
You Were so Deeply Loved (2011)
I Will Show You Fear (novel 2008)
Theory and Practice (2004)

Foreign rights

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2013: Nominated for the Riverton Prize
2013: Nominated for the Young People's Critics' Prize
2013: Nominated for the P2 Listeners' Prize
2011: Prix Jean Monnet des Jeunes Européens (for I Will Show You Fear)
2008: The P2 Listeners' Novel Prize
2008: The Young People's Critics' Prize
2008: Nominated for the Brage Prize
2008: Nominated for the Booksellers' Prize
2004: The Oslo Prize
2004: Nominated for The Brage Prize
1998: Nominated for The Aristeion Prize
1997: Anders Jahre’s Prize for Young Artists

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