Gunnhild Øyehaug

Undis Brekke

Sharp, stirring and full of black humour, Gunnhild
Øyehaug’s long awaited second novel is an
unforgettable read.

Undis Brekke is about 37-year-old Undis Brekke
who returns to the farming community she grew
up in, in order to teach Norwegian at the local college,
even though she is thoroughly fed up with
students. She arrives just in time for the annual
Christmas dinner at the faculty for Nordic studies,
where she is forced to confront various scraps and
pieces of her own childhood and adolescence that
she has attempted to sweep under the carpet.

Betrayal, hope and anxiety, writer’s block, male
and female exes, pre-menstrual syndrome, childhood
friends and parents are all potent ingredients
in this portrait of a woman who is struggling to
keep her head above water. How can you defend
your own values, how can you see your own retina,
how can you approach your own mother and how
can you eat a whole, charcoaled sheep’s head …
The novel addresses all these issues.

Gunnhild Øyehaug

Magne Sandnes

Gunnhild Øyehaug (b. 1975) lives in Bergen. She teaches at the Academy of Creative Writing in Hordaland and has been an editor of the literary journals Kraftsentrum and Vagant, and a literary critic in Morgenbladet and Klassekampen.

She made her debut with the poetry collection Slave of the Blueberry in 1998. She has written a short story collection (Knots, 2004), which was published in the United States (FSG) in 2017 and received wonderful reviews. She published an essay collection (Chair and Ecstasy, 2006), and had her great breakthrough with her first novel, Wait, Blink. A Perfect Picture of Inner Life in 2008. The novel was published to great acclaim in Denmark (Gyldendal), Sweden (Forum) and Germany (Suhrkamp), and in 2017, Farrar, Straus and Giroux acquired the English rights to the novel. A film version of the novel was made in 2015.

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Other titles

Miniature Readings (2017)
Dream Writer (2016)
Wait, Blink. A Perfect Picture of Inner Life (2008)
Chair and Ecstasy (2006)
Knots (2004)

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Øyehaug has won several prizes for her writing, among them the Hunger Prize (2009) and the Dobloug Prize (2009).

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