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Happy Again! Workbook
14 steps to greater happiness

Happy Again! Workbook is a 14-step program that helps those feeling low or suffering from long-term depression, to lift their spirits or overcome it completely.

To make it even easier to get started and complete the program Kristian Hall has written this workbook, to use alongside the main book, where you will find short instructions and forms for you to fill out every day, every week. This will allow you to keep close track of your progress and become even more motivated.

The book features a number of people who talk about how they have used the program and what they have achieved.

Kristian Hall

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Kristian Hall (b. 1977) is a graduate civil engineer and has held various directorships in the business sector. He is passionate about reaching out to anyone who is struggling with depression, with a message that it is possible to become much better or completely healthy. Since recovering from after more than ten years of deep depression, Kristian is working actively with helping others who are struggeling with depression.

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Happy Again! (2018)

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