Ellen-Marie Miljeteig and Margrethe Miljeteig

Hide and Leather

This book will give you ideas on how to make the most attractive products out of hide and leather!

The book is divided into three parts:
Part 1: History of Hide and Leather Part 2: Tools and techniques, including various leather seams for different purposes, piercing with pliers, forks or leather punches. Attaching rivets or eyelets, embossing letters, embroidery on leather and more. Part 3: Working with leather.

You'll get ideas for big and small projects, both simple and slightly more advanced.

Ellen-Marie Miljeteig and Margrethe Miljeteig

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Ellen-Marie Miljeteig and her sister Margrethe, run the hobby blog Søstrene Miljeteig. They make jewelry, stuffed soft toys and decorations.

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